About Us

Dooper Audio was born in 2015 in the city of Barcelona under the need to combine the disciplines of industrial design, interior design and acoustics in order to create a multimedia piece of furniture that offers high-fidelity sound and at the same time gives your home a minimalist scene thanks to the built-in technology and the elegant design.
We currently work with the best electronic engineers in order to offer the highest possible sound quality and the best user experience. We have specialized suppliers in the field of sound with one of the best facilities in Spain.
Our technicians are responsible for analyzing and tuning the systems to ensure top-level performance. Each component is meticulously tested and calibrated to find the perfect balance to deliver the best acoustic performance on the market.
We elaborate each process giving importance to the most insignificant thing, because at Dooper Audio we believe that small details make the difference. So much that we have developed our own technology to be able to connect all kind of devices in one piece of furniture.
We also work with the best craftsmen in the city to achieve quality and durable furniture with different finishes and sizes available, always using local wood with PEFC and FSC certification to combat deforestation and preserve our forests.
At Dooper Audio we love what we do and the manufacturing process is completely handmade. The mix of disciplines and teamwork make us constantly evolve and each unit is totally exclusive.
The result is an extraordinary piece of multimedia furniture designed and manufactured from start to finish in Barcelona with the help of the best experts.
Enjoy high fidelity audio at your own house, connect all your devices and forget the cables!